Our team is made up of passionate developers who offer a unique approach to every game we work on. Some of our team members are listed here:

Justin Akan-Etuk

Gameplay Programmer

Remi Benoist

Senior 3D Artist

Hunter Bridges

Technical Director &
Audio Director

Esteban Fajardo

Game Designer

John Fenlon

Associate Producer

Brad Flick

Design Director

Tom Fry

Art Director

Kieran Gates

General Artist

Ana Nguyen

Level Designer

Dave Padilla

CEO & Lead Producer

Brian Strigel

Level Designer

Brian Valdillez

Senior Programmer

Claire Warren

3D Artist

Christian Whitehead

Creative Director &
Lead Engine Architect

Brandon Withrow

Technical Artist

We are always striving to add new voices into the mix to help us create our games with a signature sense of personality and style. If you're interested in joining the team, check out our Careers page.