As a distributed team, a key tenet of Evening Star's studio culture is strong communication. Though we may be separated by two oceans, we endeavor to foster a close-knit collaborative environment. We boldly explore new and exciting directions that push the boundaries of what Evening Star can achieve, while being mindful that good creativity comes from healthy and sustainable working practices. Above all, our passion for games and our unique backgrounds drive us to craft games imbued with our signature sense of style.

Our team is made up of passionate developers who offer a unique approach to every game we work on. Some of our team members are listed here:

Justin Akan-Etuk

Gameplay Programmer

Natalia Beltrán

3D Artist

Remi Benoist

Senior 3D Artist

Hunter Bridges

CTO & Game Director

Milena Correa

Game Designer

Esteban Fajardo

Senior Game Designer

John Fenlon


Brad Flick

Design Director

Tom Fry

Art Director

Kieran Gates

General Artist

Ana Love

Level Designer

Ana Nguyen

Level Designer

Dave Padilla

CEO & Executive Producer

Brian Valdillez

Senior Programmer

Claire Warren

3D Artist

Christian Whitehead

Creative Director &
Lead Engine Architect

Yuvan Wickramasinghe

Gameplay Programmer

Brandon Withrow

Technical Artist

Kyle Wong

Marketing & Community Manager

We develop custom game engines that we use to create our games: the Star Engine and the Retro Engine. You can read more about them on our Technologies page.

We are always striving to add new voices into the mix to help us create our games with a signature sense of personality and style. If you're interested in joining the team, check out our Careers page.