From RSDK to Star SDK

In 2011, SEGA®'s mobile remaster of Sonic CD™ was released, developed by Christian Whitehead. This was the first commercial title powered by his Retro Engine and Retro Software Development Kit (RSDK), which originally began development in 2008. Since then, multiple titles using the Retro Engine have come to life, culminating in the release of the critically acclaimed Sonic Mania Plus™. The Retro Engine has been praised for its old-school rendering flair and snappy, responsive gameplay.

Now, as Christian joins Evening Star, the core technology and architecture behind Retro Engine is becoming the Star Engine. The Star Engine retains its foundational retro-inspired philosophy, but opens the door to new technologies and optimizations from the contemporary vocabulary of game development.

The Star SDK editor works in conjunction with the Star Engine, empowering our team to design game elements and efficiently manage assets. We are perpetually iterating our tool chain, believing that creativity is escalated by productivity.

The Star Engine and Star SDK are proprietary technologies. We look forward to sharing more details about their capabilities in the future.